Evan by Christine Barrett

Flannel shirt, gray cap, lover of music arms with tats; Loved by many, kind to all; accomplished in voice and mostly guitar. Started life in a simple way — Kool-Aid smiles, playing with Eric n’ Sarah everyday Life took a turn before anyone knew—heart full of turmoil- confusion, pain… very deep Searching for meaning — joined the military. Became a student; couldn’t focus—no relief. He looked in many places to find his peace…then opened Satan’s door, unintentional…big mistake Promises of a quick cure — joy beyond belief! “No more pain, come and taste my relief!” Didn’t realize it came with an enormous price — searching for more became his everyday strife Fooled many people along the way — didn’t see his anguish — just acting his usual way It was a substance stronger than belief; promising joy but only bringing grief! Little did Satan know, God had a different plan— rescuing Evan from Satan’s hands The One who defeated Satan a long time ago, lifted him up from a state of total despair Few people realize He knows our every need…He is waiting, just waiting for us to seek and believe His passion quickly blossomed to helping those in need — with similar problems looking for a cure His new mission, anxious to start—searched the Scriptures day and night —analyzing with all his heart His Mom encouraged him — Jesus is the only way! He seemed to grasp it — things began to change New focus, new meaning, fruits of faith in God — evidence that his heart had been changed after all In a moment of weakness, the old cure came to haunt — He sent a message to his Mom forewarning his defeat “Even some Christians fall” were his words for her to read —Yes, that is true — praise the Lord, there can be victory even in defeat!

For those closest to Evan, don’t let yourself think — there was something you could have done to change his fate God knew before Evan was born, the road he would take…it needed to be followed to find victory, forgiveness, and grace He left his friends a message, very deep and sincere — God is triumphant over Satan’s evil cures Don’t be fooled, rescue is only in God’s hands! Give up the Battle… in HIM alone peace is found Evan’s memory will live on, As you think of him each day Too soon gone, dearly missed — In the Lord’s arms, he has found his rest.

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