I Hate Heroin was formed in 2012 by the mother of three boys who were struggling with Substance Abuse. Not knowing where to turn and having no resources in her home state of Iowa she set out on a quest to try to find support and help for her children.Four years later I Hate Heroin has grown to over 190,000 page members and  is now a National Non Profit Organization. I Hate Heroin is a community of people joined together by one common cause, the battle to overcome addiction.

Sadly in April of 2016 our Founder lost two of her children to a Fentanyl Overdose on the same day. She continues on with her mission in great love in their memory and in support of her surviving son now several years into recovery.

I Hate Heroin is a place for anyone affected by Heroin Addiction A place where your voice can be heard, your heart can be understood and your life can be changed. A place to spread hope to all affected…until all are free.