I’m not an addict, but my best friend was. I saw the post on your Facebook page about tough love and I wanted to reply, but wanted to do so anonymously for the sake of my best friend’s family. (And I couldn’t figure out how to message through Facebook) She lost her battle last May… When it came to tough love with her, no it didn’t work. Her family, mainly her sister, thought tough love was the only way to help her. I didn’t believe in tough love with her. In fact, I believe tough love and “brushing her addiction under the rug” is what forced her to lose her battle. I was a constant support system for her, constantly reminding her that I would be there for her no matter what. That I believed in her and her recovery. That she would be a success story one day. Her addiction was stronger than she was, and she knew that. Eventually, she gave in to it. I believe she knew she would never win (or at least that’s what she thought) She went through treatment and was about to move back home for good. She was home visiting temporarily for court when she overdosed. For some, tough love works but for others it does the complete opposite. Know your loved ones before taking that approach. Don’t enable but don’t push them away, either. Support and love is what they need most.

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